Artho Eksteen designs are off‑beat with artisanal influences with a maximalist approach, when designing our trans seasonal collections colour and texture along with innovative fabric processes come full circle in the cycle. Drawing from a range of sources for inspiration, Artho Eksteen is influenced and inspired by the historical world, artistic influences and trends, social landscape as well as personal experiences. Combining various sources of inspiration and influences, leads to the eclectic and post-modern look and feel of the brand.   
Artho Eksteen as a brand focuses on slow fashion production and ethical fabric sourcing methods in order to educate and help preserve healthy and ethical consumer culture. When garments are designed, they are designed with the intention of timelessness and wardrobe life cycle longevity whilst remaining uniquely artisanal and creative. Our green sensibility extends to packaging solutions and ensures any and all waste produced in the transportation and sale of our garments is low impact on the environment.